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Cupboard Restaurant

1400 Union Ave., Memphis, TN - (901) 276-8015
Posted By Michael Stern on April 17, 2015 10:23 AM
The Cupboard Restaurant lost something in the year 2000 when it moved to a former Shoney’s on Union Ave. Gone was the ramshackle charm of the older place that had built its reputation for great vegetables since 1943. But the gains were well worth the change: more seats (you’ll wait less for a table at noon), plenty of parking, and a comfortable dining room with broad enough aisles for waitresses to tote big plates overflowing with good things to eat.

What has not changed is the quality of the vegetables. The printed menu, which is different for each day of the week, lists a choice of five entrees and eighteen to twenty side dishes, plus dessert. Among the entrees are such plate-lunch paradigms as baked chicken and dressing, beef tips with noodles, and a fried veal cutlet. One entrée plus three vegetables – served on an unbreakable partitioned plate, so buttered squash doesn’t mingle with rutabaga turnips – costs about $10.

The vegetables are good to know about if you overdose on pork in Memphis (all too easy to do!). Here you can skip the entrée altogether and get a four-vegetable plate, sweet tea on the side, plus blackberry cobbler or lemon ice box pie for dessert. All meals come with a basket that holds creamy-centered cornbread gem muffins and yeast rolls.

Of special note among the veggies are plain sliced fresh tomatoes (and we do mean fresh, in season!) as well as tangy fried green tomatoes. The sweet potato was one whole one, baked in its skin until marshmallow-soft. And we loved the luxurious corn pudding.

Cupboard cookbooks are available for sale near the cash register, and they contain excellent recipes. But where we live – NOT the South – such fine raw ingredients make only rare and brief appearances in the supermarket.
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fresh vegetables
Lemon Icebox Pie
corrnbread gem muffins
Lemon Meringue Pie

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Posted By MIDTOWN on December 28, 2011 9:47 AM
What a horrible experience. Our waiter, an extremely flamboyant gay male, was talking with a friend of his seated near our table. They were openly talking about a sexual experience with some man. It was beyond disgusting. When I spoke with a manger, we were assured he would be dealt with. he is still a waiter at this restaurant. I would never eat there again.
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