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Chicken on the Way

1443 Kensington Rd. NW, Calgary, AB, XX - (403) 283-5545
Posted By Michael Stern on April 26, 2015 5:13 PM
A take-out fried chicken shack serving Calgary since 1958, Chicken on the Way is a classic of its kind. Amenities are few. Ordering is done at a counter inside and everything gets sent out in a bright yellow box.

When you stand in line waiting to place your order, you see a bin full of potatoes waiting to be cut and deep-fried and you smell the alluring aroma of hot chicken pulled from boiling oil. Although shrimp and flatfish are available from the fry basket, chicken rules this roost; and the standard meal ranges from two pieces in the Snack Pac to five pieces in the Hungry Man Dinner. It is sturdy-crusted, oil-infused, luscious chicken, a joy to handle as well as to eat. The skin pulls away in great chewy strips and the meat below is moist and flavorful. Side dishes include excellent French fries and big, super-crusty, slightly sweet corn fritters. Gravy is also available – for dipping chicken or fried potatoes.

Special thanks to Elise T, user, who tipped us off to Chicken on the Way, writing that her mother remembered it as β€œthe only chicken place in Calgary when she lived there in the β€˜50s.” There now are five locations around the city.
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Hungry man chicken dinner

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Posted By Jed Web on February 27, 2011 1:19 PM
Tasty but heavy on the grease, Chicken on the Way is worth a visit, but don't eat there too often.
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Posted By Bruce Goldensohn on December 13, 2007 5:34 PM
If it wasn't for the reference, I would never have stopped at Chicken on the Way. Approaching the building, one can get turned off by the real hole-in-the-wall looks. It is boxed in by a Vietnamese restaurant and a drive-in hamburger joint. However, one should definitely persevere and go in.

The menu board list the various fish and chicken options, including a two-piece box, a three-piece box, and a hungry man five-piece box (priced at $7 as of this visit). A hushpuppy is included, and you can buy more at 45 cents each.

Another good point: they are open until midnight. This is truly a take-out type of place, as there are only two picnic tables outside, immediately adjacent to the street. The staff, while not too friendly, are very efficient. At times the line goes out the door, another indication that the food is worth it. For the chicken alone I would go back, as it really ranked among the best I have ever eaten. Enjoy!
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