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1799 SR-68, Embudo, NM - (505) 852-0604
Posted By Michael Stern on January 27, 2003 9:48 PM
Sugar is a beauty. She is the proprietors’ bulldog, whom you can usually see in the yard to the left of the tin trailer where you place your order at a window then wait while they cook it inside. Her picture also adorns the wall-mounted menu, which is a roadside roster of burgers and green chile cheeseburgers, corn dogs, burritos, and of course, Fritos pie.

We never tried any of those things because we were too busy eating Sugar’s excellent barbecue. It’s brisket, slow-cooked until pot-roast tender, ridiculously juicy, and infused with the flavor of smoke. Basically there are two ways to have it: in a sandwich, veiled in a tangy red sauce, or wrapped in a tortilla with green chilies and cheese. We prefer the latter because, in our opinion, that sweet-tangy sauce on the sandwich distracts from the lovely, subtle taste of the brisket. On the other hand, the barbecue burrito is an inspired creation: thick shreds of beef accented by the snap of peppers and even further enriched by melted cheese. We could eat these burritos all day long. But alas, where we live, they are nothing but a memory. Such a fine cheap-eats meal is an only-in-New-Mexico experience.

During the summer, Sugar’s also offers barbecued ribs and sausage. The winter smokehouse menu is strictly brisket.
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barbecue burrito
green chile cheeseburger
Fritos pie

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Posted By Merv Ashby on December 23, 2007 12:22 AM
Sugar's in New Mexico was the highlight of my four-day driving trip to Santa Fe from Denver. It totally caught me by surprise! Our group of five, in two cars, stopped for lunch at this unlikely looking BBQ trailer across from the Rio Grande in late October. We had no expectations other than hoping for full stomachs.

We ordered, then began exploring the semi-abandoned lot, looking for a bathroom and a place to sit. We found a magnificent old apple orchard loaded with fresh crispy fruit. We were given laughing permission to take all the fruit we wanted (organic and complete with worms). We then dined, under a heavily laden apple tree, on the best BBQ I've ever had the pleasure to sink my teeth into. Mind you, I have never enjoyed BBQ that came out of a foam take-out box, prior to this exquisite experience.
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