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Colony Grill

172 Myrtle Avenue, Stamford, CT - (203) 359-2184
Posted By Michael Stern on May 3, 2015 7:40 AM
Pizza at the Colony Grill is unique. It is thin-crusted, thinner even than the Neapolitan-style pizzerias of New Haven; and it is brittle. Regardless of the ingredients on top, each triangular slice can be lifted by its broad end from the circumference of the pie and the pointy end of the slice will remain on the same plane as the rest. There is real character to this crust, and at the outermost edge, a luscious crunch unlike any other pizza you will eat.

As for toppings, the usual repertoire is available, including clumps of excellent locally-made sausage; but Colony connoisseurs frequently get what is known here as a Hot Oil pizza. Hot oil -- "hot" meaning spicy -- is drizzled over everything and seems to bake right into the crust, giving every crunchy bite a zest that is not merely fiery, but brilliantly pepper-flavored. We love the hot oil with sausage, or with wide discs of pepperoni.

Pizzas are served on metal trays. There is only one size, about enough for one very healthy appetite. Pizza is the extent of the Colony Grill menu, other than drinks. This place is a local tavern, featuring a long bar along one side of the room that you enter off Myrtle Avenue; and while it is famous for pizza, many customers come for shots and/or beers. We sat there during lunch hour and watched at least a dozen customers go to the back for take-out orders ranging from one to eighteen pizzas.

Note: There now are Colony Grills in Fairfield (1520 Post Rd. 203-259-1989) and Milford (36 Broad St. 203-876-1935).
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Hot Oil Pizza
Sausage Pizza
Cheese Pizza
Hot Oil & Sausage Pizza

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Posted By Brian on May 31, 2010 5:31 PM
I would avoid this place. The only flavor that this pie had was from the grease. The saugage lacked any flavor along with the sause being very bland as well. I am not trying to knock the place, we actually had good service and shared some laughs with the regulars. But the food was nothing to write home about. If you want good pizza checkout these places.

Modern - New Haven
BAR - New Haven
Famous -Bethel Ct
Roseland - Derby Ct
Fire side - Southington Ct
My Place -Newtown Ct
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Posted By Ellen Selip on March 14, 2008 4:07 PM
What an out of the way find; but very easy to locate.

The pizza is like none I have ever tasted, and I have been eating pizza since 1958. You cannot compare the style of this type of pizza to the New Haven apizza. The crust is thin, but somehow the cheese is melted into this thin crust. The cheese itself is not thick and "gloppy," but almost mesh-like.

We ordered one pie with meatball and anchovies, one with hot oil and sausage (made in the plant across the street), and the last with onions. All were great.

I can't wait until I return, which will be soon. Hours are very user-friendly.
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Posted By Danielle Day on December 13, 2007 1:09 PM
I recently had a hot oil and sausage pie. I must second all the positive reviews. This is great pizza. I like ‘em with a crispy crust, and theirs is very much so. I was amazed that the topping didn’t weaken it.

This being my first visit, when I ordered, I asked how big they were. The waitress/bartender muttered something about "personal-sized." Well, that's a very interesting person. These pizzas are about 12 inches in diameter. Nevertheless, I finished the whole thing (except for one slice for Mr. Kerl). Is the sausage homemade? I'll ask next time. On-tap beer, an essential pizza accompaniment, comes in an iced mug. Maybe I’m missing something (it’s not on the menu), but I'd like a little greenery-- a salad or something.

I'm just a lowlife type, but I liked the atmosphere; strictly bar with booths. However, there are tables in the back, and it's a nice, clean bar with a variety of customers (at lunch, anyway): tradespeople, business types, gals on lunch, etc.

No credit cards, but there's a cash machine available.
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Posted By John Tricarico on October 23, 2005 10:26 PM
After an offhanded recommendation by a casual friend, my girlfriend and I decided to give this place a shot one Friday night. The atmosphere is nothing to brag about but this well-worn neighborhood joint makes some of the best pizza on the "Gold Coast".

The crust is so incredibly thin and crispy that it makes anything else look like a joke. We tried the recommended sausage, hot oil and "stinger" pie - again, the best pie around! Figure on one pizza per person in your group. Everyone from local police/firemen to corporate executives were seen carrying pies out while we dined so you know it's a great place!
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