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Bulloch House

47 Bulloch St., Warm Springs, GA - (706) 655-9068
Posted By Doc Wesley on July 11, 2011 6:44 PM
About once a month we drive down to the Bulloch House Restaurant for lunch. I am a very picky eater and try to eat healthy; for me this means vegetables and lean meat.

The Bulloch House buffet changes daily, but they always have fried chicken and it is always moist and tender. Their vegetables are fresh-tasting, never soggy like at so many other buffets. We have never had a meal that was less than superb.

My favorites, besides the fried chicken, are the fried apples with their signature stewed tomatoes over them, the squash dish, beans, and sweet potato souffle. Love the liver, too. The rest of my family digs into the fried green tomatoes and homemade biscuits.

Their desserts are very popular and the few times I've let myself indulge I haven't been disappointed. We've purchased a few of their frozen entrees and served them at home for company.

The house itself is adorable (at least 100 years old I'd have to guess) and there are a variety of different rooms in which to sit and eat. I highly recommend the Bulloch House.
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fried chicken
fried green tomatoes
Fried Apples

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Posted By Susan Godwin on May 27, 2011 9:33 PM
I had read the reviews and went to this eating establishment with trepidation. It is a beautiful old house that has been added onto. The rooms are cozy and comfortable. The food was GREAT!

The fried green tomatoes were crisp, as was the fried chicken and the chicken livers. The vegetables were like grandma made and plentiful. The sweet tomato condiment was awesome! You must at least try some. My mother-in-law said it reminded her of something her mother use to make.

I really enjoyed this restaurant and would go back again and even go out of my way.
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fried chicken
fried green tomatoes

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Posted By L Fischer on April 21, 2011 11:33 AM
The location, and the antebellum home the restaurant is located in, are wonderful, very similar to the Blue Willow in Social Circle, GA. After seeing several great reviews, we were expecting good food. Boy were we wrong.

According to the locals, there was a change in management/ownership in March 2011, and it shows. My wife and I went at 6pm on a Friday night. We expected it to be packed, yet there were only three cars in the parking lot! The hostess was courteous and friendly, and the interior of the restaurant/house was magnificent.

The buffet was lacking the variety we expected. The fried chicken is not crispy; it has a soft, mushy texture, as do the fried green tomatoes (this is because it is a buffet, and these items sit out a while). The macaroni and cheese is a bit stiff and dry. The banana pudding (for extra cost), however, is delicious.

Still, it's way overpriced for what you get. Frankly, any Golden Corral would beat the quality and variety of this buffet. But if you want to be surrounded by, and immersed in the atmosphere of, a true southern antebellum home, this is the place. If you actually want a good meal, try Oscars: it's only a few miles down the road and has far better food, a wonderful menu, good prices, and great fried green tomatoes. We went there the second night we were in Warm Springs and wished we had gone there first.
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cakes and pie
fried chicken
fried green tomatoes

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Posted By Bill Golladay on April 24, 2004 11:45 AM
The Bulloch House features a Southern buffet. This restaurant is located just south of the town center of Warm Springs on GA Highway 41. It is in a house that is over 100 years old and has several rooms used as dining areas.

The mainstays of this buffet are fried chicken and fried green tomatoes. There are usually about four entrees that vary daily. These may include baked chicken and dressing, tender and delicious roast beef, chicken and dumplings, ham, catfish, or tasty chicken livers.

For those who want something other than the buffet, there is a limited menu that can be ordered separately.

Lots of good vegetables are available at the buffet that may include yummy creamed potatoes, lima beans, mildly sweet glazed carrots, field peas, fried apples, black-eyed peas, green beans, etc. Sometimes macaroni and cheese is available as a side, which is light and eggy.

There is a small salad bar at the end of the buffet line. Even if you don’t have room for a salad, there usually are sliced tomatoes available at the salad bar which you can get as a side vegetable.

The biscuits have a good, old-fashioned taste.

Desserts are not included as part of the buffet and must be ordered from the waitress. These normally include caramel layer cake, as well as chocolate cake or a slice of pie.

There is an enclosed porch that is used as one of the dining areas and is a great place to eat. However, the porch area does not have air-conditioning, so ask for this only if the weather is mild.

Note: The Bulloch House is open for lunch seven days a week, but in the evening it is open only on Friday and Saturday.
4 star rating
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