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Steve's Pig & Ox Roast

951 Ridge Road, Lackawanna, NY - (716) 824-8601
Posted By Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle on September 7, 2009 2:32 PM
When they say Pig & Ox Roast, they're not kidding (well, they are kidding just a little: they roast beef, not ox). Check out the long window along one side of the dining room, through which you can inspect the huge roasting contraption and, if you come at the right time, you'll see the hunks of meat (which include lamb and turkey, too) slowly becoming the stuff of which these fine sandwiches are made.

The beef is served on kummelweck, the caraway- and salt-spangled bun, only if you specifically ask for it. These are not delicate, rosy slices of beef, but meat that is cooked through and piled high, tender and super-moist, reminding us a little of good pot roast. Add some horseradish from the jar at the self-serve counter and you've got yourself some good eating.

Alongside, don't miss out on Steve's fresh-cut curly-Q fries, bargain-priced and served in prodigious quantities. You can also get potato or macaroni salad, soups and chili, and pies for dessert, all homemade. And, of course, a tall, icy cup of loganberry to go with.

Steve's is truly a local place and we'd hazard a guess that perhaps 95% of their business comes from the neighborhood. They do a lot of takeout business, but there is a comfortable dining area, and some covered outdoor seating, too.
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Posted By Allison Hardy on October 25, 2014 5:32 PM
After much anticipation of our first beef on weck, what we found was not a "legendary" experience, but instead, a nice roast beef sandwich on a salty bun. Nice, but hardly earth-shattering, and not any better or radically different than many other roast beef sandwiches we've had in other states and other years. The sweet potato fries, on the other hand, could be fairly said to be perfectly cooked (not the usual thing at all). Wouldn't drive out of our way for the fries, but they were a pleasant surprise.
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sweet potato fries
Roast Beef

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