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310 S. Mesquite St., Las Cruces, NM - (575) 524-0003
Posted By Michael Stern on April 29, 2015 4:02 PM
Nopalito is a family-run restaurant (actually two restaurants; the other is at 2605 Missouri Ave.) where you can count on excellent New Mexican food. Not Tex-Mex nor Arizona-Mex nor California-Mex nor Sonoran Mex, but the unique cuisine of New Mexico. That means that chile peppers star and the issue of red and green is one you will confront at every meal.

We had ours on a stacked enchilada with the works, meaning beans and cheese and a fried egg on top and rice and salad on the side. We also savored excellent chiles rellenos, fried to a crisp and oozing warm cheese.

The broad, airy dining room with its adobe mission style decor is a pleasant place to relax and enjoy native foods. The staff was kind and helpful, seats were comfortable, and we relished the aroma of other people's chilecentric meals – gorditas, con carne, tacos, tamales, rolled as well as stacked enchiladas – wafting past us on their way from the kitchen to tables.
4 star rating
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Stacked Enchilada
Green chile burger
Chiles Rellenos
Avocado Salad

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Posted By L.F. Eason on August 11, 2013 9:18 PM
Excellent! Biggest surprise was that when the waitress gave my Stacked Enchilada and Chiles Relleno plates to me, it looked much better than the photos here! Then, next surprise, they tasted even better! The green chilies with the chips (straight from the fryer) were my favorite between red and green, but I had no trouble finishing off both! Drank horchata slowly to make it last, only to find out it came with refills. Waitress twisted my arm to make me order sopaipillas which had the flavor of New Orleans beignets, but were so light that it took extra honey to hold them on the plate. Great overall experience!
5 star rating
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Posted By Richard Rowe on February 16, 2012 9:58 PM
I had forgotten that they were supposed to bring red and green salsa, I only got the green... it was pretty soupy, but also pretty good, though I would have liked to have sampled the red, if it is the hotter of the two. I ordered chile fries and asked the waitress which of the sauces was hotter, red or green, she said red and I ordered it with red sauce, so she brought it with green. It didn't matter, the fries were so soggy that they were barely edible. I also ordered the green chile burger that was supposed to come with beans and a dish of something, which I do not recall. I got a green chile burger -edible but nothing to write home about- no beans no dish of something exotic as pictured on the menu, but did get an order of fries that had not been mentioned (I don't think)on the menu. I guess I should have ordered something the previous reviewer had recommended, but took a chance. I hate giving bad reviews, but this place earned the honor.
1 star rating
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Green chile burger
Chile fries

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