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Dickie Dee's

380 Bloomfield Ave., Newark, NJ - (973) 483-9396
Posted By Michael Stern on May 21, 2015 7:54 AM
Dickie Dee’s serves tremendous sandwiches stuffed into circular loaves of Italian bread. Sausage, burgers, and cheese steaks all are available, but this vintage city eat place is best known for deep-fried hot dogs, aka Newark dogs. Whatever the filling of the sandwich, available add-ons include luxuriously oily fried peppers and onions and chunks of fried potato. Some folks come for a loaf of bread stuffed only with potatoes and/or vegetables, no meat whatsoever. Dickie’s makes nice thin-crust pizza, too.

The attitude behind Dickie’s counter is as delicious as the food. At mealtime, the order line moves fast, and if you hesitate when it comes time to say what you want, expect to be glared at, maybe yelled at, then – if you are still slow – ignored. Sluggish customers deserve to be shunned, for this is a place that flips the bird to the very notion of leisurely, gracious dining. People who come to Dickie Dee’s are mostly regulars who know exactly what they want and are prepared to order and pay, eat it and beat it. As the sandwich is made to order, the cook will call out to ask what you want on it in the way of condiments; and this is another time you don’t want to be slow responding. We suggest ketchup as a nice complement for the potatoes that go atop all the other ingredients in a Dickie’s sandwich.

Carry your tray to a table and ease into a permanently-attached molded plastic chair. Lay out plenty of paper napkins for the inevitable spillage, and dig into a great, only-in-New Jersey sandwich.
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Italian-style hot dog

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Posted By deb healing on October 22, 2012 12:17 PM
I grew up on these good-tasting sandwiches. They are as good today as they were 40 years ago. I no longer live in New Jersey and, boy, do I miss them.
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Posted By Bif Pocaroba on March 28, 2011 12:10 PM
I am fortunate enough to live in the middle of the battlefield of Italian hot dog establishments: Dicky Dee's and Jimmy Buff's. Both are very good and you can't go wrong visiting either place. However, DD's is my favorite of the two.

I believe the bread is from another Newark legendary establishment, Calandras Bakery, which is across the street. It's always fresh, and large enough to handle either the single or double Italian dog. I prefer the double because you get to taste more of the dog which seems to be a Sabrett-style dog. It is deep-fried but not too well-done.

The peppers are plentiful, as are the potatoes. Those potatoes, I believe, are what set DD's apart from the rest of the competition. They are cubed, unlike Buff's sliced version, and this enables them to be cooked longer, adding to their crunch.

There are people who don't believe ketchup belongs on a hot dog, but there is enough going on here that it doesn't really have an effect on the overall package. A very good dog.
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