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16145 S. Route 28, La Mesa, NM - (575) 233-3420
Posted By Michael Stern on April 18, 2009 12:34 PM
Chope’s is in the Mesilla Valley, which is where some of New Mexico’s finest chilies are grown; and chile is the star of the menu. Not chili with an “I” at the end, which is the Texas meal of meat and peppers, but chile with an “e”, which is the way New Mexicans refer to their beloved crop. At Chope’s, the best way to taste them is as chilies rellenos: lightly breaded and fried pods served three to an order, or singly alongside any of the combination plates. Also terrific, and milder than the rellenos, are Chope's red enchiladas. Green enchiladas are available, too, and they tend to be hotter. We recommend a stack, with a fried egg on top.

Meaty, gritty tamales are available by threes or as part of combination plate that also includes an enchilada, a soft taco, rice, and beans. The menu is a typical one for this part of the country, featuring bowls of chili with or without beans or con queso (with cheese), as well as airweight sopaipillas for dessert. Nothing we have sampled is less than exemplary.

A word of warning: although Chope's is in the middle of nowhere, it gets crowded at lunch with chowhounds from Las Cruces, local chili planters carrying their cellular telephones, and hot food pilgrims from throughout the state. By 11:45 in the morning, customers are lined up outside the house waiting for the dining room to open. The turnover is fast, but it is likely you will have to put your name on the waiting list if you arrive much after noon.
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Chile Con Queso
chile rellenos

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Posted By Rhonda on September 13, 2013 4:08 PM
I still dream about Chope's green chile - what a great place. It's always crowded, so you'll have to get margaritas in the bar while you wait (you wanted to do that anyway!) When they call you to the restaurant, they'll take the margaritas around back and meet you at the table with them. So delicious, so homey - I swear that you'd be fine bringing your kids with you to the bar! And delicious food - amazing enchiladas! I got FAT on this stuff when I lived in Las Cruces!
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Chile Con Queso
Green Chile
Combo Plate with Chile Relleno
chile rellenos

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