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Steve's Prince of Steaks

7200 Bustleton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA - (215) 338-0985
Posted By Terry Hasek on August 27, 2012 11:39 PM
Steve's is kind of like a place from the past. The steaks are made with good quality meat, and they use enough Whiz and onions. I personally prefer my cheesesteak chopped up (the more traditional way). The steak I had recently featured extra meat, and I found it to be unusually chewy.
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Cheese Fries
Double-Meat Cheese Steak

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Posted By Jeff Sommer on August 19, 2011 10:04 AM
One of the best cheesesteaks you can get in the city of Philadelphia and that is saying a lot. Their hoagies are very good as well.
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Birch Beer

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Posted By John Jacobsen on September 4, 2007 10:27 PM
Steve's Prince of Steaks is not in downtown Philly, but it is worth the trip out to the burbs to check it out. Steve slices his steak thick (about as thick as a pencil), and doesn't chop the meat at all on the grill. It goes on the roll flat, and is chewier (in a good way) than the chopped steaks served at Jim's, Dalessandro's, and similar places.

Steve's is currently my second favorite estabishment, after Jim's. Whenever I go I get the cheesesteak with Whiz and onions, and I make sure to add some of the self-serve shaved pickles up front. The roll is as good as it gets, and my personal favorite in Philly as it is a little crustier than most, and holds up well to the meat they serve.

No beer for sale at Steve's, but like most places in PA you can get birch beer, which always goes well with such food. Steve's is clearly modeled after Pat's (the inventor of the cheesesteak), but in my opinion this is much better.
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