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At Sara's Table Chester Creek Cafe

1902 East 8th St., Duluth, MN - (218) 723-8569
Posted By Michael Stern on April 4, 2015 7:17 AM
The name of this place is confusing. Both "Chester Creek Cafe" and "At Sara's Table" are emblazoned on the door; and the sign on the building says "Taran's Market Place." But hey, what's in a name? If you are looking for high-quality, raised-consciousness meals in laid-back surroundings, here they are. The unupholstered hardwood booths are not all that comfortable, but there is a cozy sitting area up front around a fireplace where University of Minnesota types drink coffee and read counter-culture literature; and regulars are comfortable enough that they know where to go to refill their own coffee cups.

As you enter and head towards a table in the back, look left. Here are cases with the days pies and cakes; and it is these desserts that are Sarah's most outstanding dishes. Gorgeous fruit pies with coarse sugar on a crunchy crust, thick cream pies, an unbelievably good pecan pie, plus carrot cake, devil's food cake with buttercream frosting, scones, muffins, and even ruggelach – all made right here. Pre-pie, supper menus range from wild pacific salmon and grass-fed ribeye to such vegetarian items as squash ravioli and wild mushroom ragout. Although it's nothing like traditional pizza, my iconoclastic whole-grain-crust pizza topped with fresh mozzarella, walnut-cranberry pesto, chevre, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar was a joy. And the salads we ate – golden beet and winter panzanella – were charming and delicious.

Chester Creek Cafe at Sara's Table is a three-meal-a-day place. The breakfast menu includes cranberry wild rice bread French toast, buttermilk pancakes served with either maple syrup or apple- beer syrup(!), and something called a "hippie farm breakfast."
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Winter Panzanella Salad
Golden Beet Salad
Thai Curry

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Posted By Alyssa Johnson on April 25, 2014 6:33 PM
I love At Sara's Table. I go for brunch once every couple of weeks with my girlfriends (bottomless coffee, okay!). I have loved everything I've tried, but my favorites are the Hippy Farm Breakfast for lunch, and the Thai Curry (unsuspecting menu item, but absolutely to die for) for dinner. Sara's Table is very local and they do a lot of good within the Duluth community! This place is great.
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Hippy Farm Breakfast
Thai Curry

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