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M&M Catering

1039 Summerwood Drive, Knoxville, TN - (865) 692-1003
Posted By charles buki on January 21, 2012 5:26 PM
Among te worst BBQ ever. If you like steam soaked pulled pork lacking smoke or proper seasoning, this place is for you. If you want your BBQ from a strip mall instead of a wood shack, this place is a must. Otherwise, avoid.
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Pulled Chicken Sandwich
Pulled Pork Sandwich

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Posted By robert palmer on April 21, 2011 8:23 PM
I travel a lot for my job, and when I eat, I try to find places where the cooking captures the essence of the region. I travel often to Eastern Tennessee, and I have eaten at a good number of Knoxville-Oak Ridge area barbeque places. M & M Catering definitely belongs near the top of the list.

Although I suspected that it would be way more than I could eat, I ordered "Big Mike's Sampler," which includes BBQ chicken, beef brisket, and pulled pork, because I wanted to try some of each. I was right -- I literally was served enough meat to satisfy three people with big appetites, or four or five folks with normal eating habits.

For under 12 dollars, it was a great value. The 'que was good. The pork and beef were moist and tender, with a decent smoked flavor. The chicken was just a shade on the dry side, which can happen with white meat, but with the sauce, it was fine. They cook the meat in those big grills that look like oil barrels cut in half. I couldn't see what they were burning, but I didn't see any stacks of wood. Of course, that doesn't mean that they weren't using any.

The sides were equally large. I got potato salad and slaw, which were both fine. Although they were billed as "singles," they were large enough to share, as well. For dessert, I first ordered the German chocolate cake, but I was told that it had just come out of the oven and was still too hot to put the icing on. This definitely made me want to come back and get some later. I ended up ordering the red velvet cake, which was very good and also tasted home made.

Overall, it is definitely a place that I would come back to. I can't agree with a previous reviewer who said it has the best 'que in Eastern Tennessee -- RouxBarb in Knoxville holds that distinction for me -- but it's a lot of good food at a great price. That's always a winner in my book.
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Red Velvet Cake
Big Mike's Sampler

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Posted By Jim Plank on December 12, 2008 3:45 PM
The best barbecue in East Tennessee is a secret to most, yet it lies smack in the heart of Knoxville, the largest city in the area. It's a roadside cinder block hut, situated in the parking lot of a laundromat, and it's only open three days a week. However, it's a jewel!

The pulled pork is outstanding, with succulent moist pieces intermixed with the smoky outer pieces. They offer five tomato-based sauces from sweet and mild to hot. All are rich, thick, and tangy enough to to make your tongue pucker. Usually, I'll buy an extra quart to take home. You may order a sandwich, which is basically a mound of pork on a bun not big enough to handle it, or by the pound, which is my choice since it makes it home more cleanly. Don't try to eat the sandwich without a fork. Even the small one.

They are only open Thursday through Saturday, and on Saturday, starting at noon, they set up a tent and fry fish which is fresh and crispy. Although the folks who work there are constantly busy, they're cheerful and friendly. They know that they're giving you something special, and that you don't mind waiting outside in a line for their food. They share in the delight.

I'm a barbecue diehard who seeks out barbecue wherever it may be found, from West Memphis, Arkansas to Nags Head, North Carolina. I used to rue the fact that Knoxville didn't have a barbecue place that made me crave barbecue, until I stumbled onto M&M's.
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