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4729 West Olive Avenue, Glendale, AZ - (623) 435-2024
Posted By Sarah Cory on October 19, 2013 10:04 AM
This place must have been better in years gone by. Saveur magazine listed it in an article about donuts earlier this year, so we went racing over to try it. All I can say is, we've had much better donuts from Lamar's, a local branch of a Midwestern chain. None of Vantastic's donuts had any particular flavor, and they left that congealed fat mouth-feel. Buttermilk bars and old fashioned donuts are my favorite kind of donuts, but these did not hit the mark.
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Posted By Jason Dick on December 8, 2008 10:18 PM
Vantastic is an old-school donut and coffee shop in Glendale, an old-school suburb of Phoenix. How old-school? For one, there is no web site. Two, Vanastic proudly serves old-fashioned buttermilk bars, the cakey, rich, sugary, fat-tastic donuts of yore.

When I was growing up in Cottonwood, Arizona, buttermilk bars were bakery staples. As I got older and moved eastward, the name disappeared and it got harder, though not impossible, to find this specific kind of brickhouse breakfast food. Maybe that's because of buttermilk itself, one of the more misunderstood dairy products. Although it packs a wallop as an ingredient in donuts or cornbread, it's tough to find someone under 75 that still drinks it, and this might explain why the name vanished.

Whatever the reason, buttermilk bars are not entirely extinct, as my visit to Vantastic showed. For my donut ventures, they're simply the only way to fly, and Vantastic is the only kind of place to enjoy them: at a counter, with a nice, strong cup of coffee and the paper, all the while talking with buddies about baseball, politics, religion, and other forbidden-in-polite-company topics.
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