Your Guide to Authentic Regional Eats
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1) 99 miles to philly - New York, NY
Must Eats: Cheesesteak, Hank's Root Beer
2) A Salt & Battery - New York, NY
Must Eats: Fish and Chips, Haddock
3) Adrienne's Pizzabar - New York, NY
Must Eats: Pizza, Lasagna, Tuna sandwich
4) Alethea's - Williamsville, NY
Must Eats: Hot Fudge Sundae, Sponge Candy, Chocolate Covered Ginger, Marshmallow Sauce
5) All American Hamburger Drive In - Massapequa, NY
Must Eats: french fries, hamburgers, shakes, hot dogs
6) Anchor Bar - Buffalo, NY
Must Eats: Hot Wings - Double, Genny Cream Pitcher, Wings, Mild Wings - Single
7) Anderson's Frozen Custard - Kenmore, NY
Must Eats: Sundae, Beef on Weck, Frozen Custard
8) Apple Dumpling Cafe - West Chenango, NY
Must Eats: Short Stack of Pancakes with Sausage, Maple Syrup, Two Egg Breakfast, Large Orange Juice
9) Bailey's Smokehouse - Blauvelt, NY
Must Eats: Table Buster for 4-6, Corn Souffle, Beef Brisket, St. Louis Ribs
10) Bamonte's - Brooklyn, NY
Must Eats: linguine with red clam sauce, mussels, veal rolatini
11) Barney Greengrass - New York, NY
Must Eats: eggs-and-novie, Mini-Babka, Smoked Sturgeon, Belly Lox with Cream Cheese on a Sesame Bagel
12) Big Daddy Sandwiches - Rome, NY
Must Eats: Turkey Sub
13) Big W's Roadside Bar-B-Q - Wingdale, NY
Must Eats: Roasted Cabbage, Brisket Sandwich, Ribs, Pulled Pork Sandwich
14) bite - New York, NY
Must Eats:
15) Blue 9 Burger - New York, NY
Must Eats: Blue 9 Burger, Blue 9 Burger, Fries, and Drink, Fries
16) Blue Dolphin Ristorante - Katonah, NY
Must Eats:
17) Boomy's Kosher Deli Restaurant - Plainview, NY
Must Eats:
18) Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory - Brooklyn, NY
Must Eats: Strawberry Ice Cream, Peaches & Cream Ice Cream
19) Brooks' House of Bar-B-Q - Oneonta, NY
Must Eats: Bar-B-Q Chicken, Bar-B-Q Chicken, Ribs, Salads
20) Burger Joint - New York, NY
Must Eats: Cheeseburger, French Fries
21) B'ville Diner - Baldwinsville, NY
Must Eats: Chocolate Meringue Pie, Coconut Meringue Pie, Gianelli Sausage sandwich, Hot Meatloaf Sandwich
22) Café Edison - New York, NY
Must Eats: Russian Borscht, Matzoh Brie, Blintzes, Corned Beef Hash
23) Candlelight Inn - Scarsdale, NY
Must Eats: Wings (small order), Freedom Fries, Philly cheesesteak
24) Carnegie Deli - New York, NY
Must Eats: Matzoh Ball Soup, Pastrami Sandwich, Corned beef sandwich, Pickles
25) Carry On Tea and Sympathy - New York, NY
Must Eats:
26) Catskills Heimishe Bakery - Monticello, NY
Must Eats: onion roll
27) Charlie the Butcher - Buffalo, NY
Must Eats: Beef on Weck, Turkey on Plain Roll, Roast Corn, Loganberry Drink
28) Churrasqueira Bairrada - Mineola, NY
Must Eats: Barbecue Chicken, French Fries, Potato Chips, Salad
29) Circle E Diner - Hancock, NY
Must Eats: Chocolate Milkshake, Rice Pudding, Circle E Burger, Fries with Cheese and Gravy
30) Clare and Carl's - Plattsburgh, NY
Must Eats: Michigan
31) Classic American - Babylon, NY
Must Eats:
32) Condrell's Candies & Ice Cream - Buffalo, NY
Must Eats: Cocoa Cream Sundae, Sundaes, Banana Split
33) Crif Dogs - New York, NY
Must Eats: Spicy Redneck, Chili Dog, Baked Beans, Tsunami Dog & Chili Dog
34) Crystal Restaurant - Watertown, NY
Must Eats:
35) Cupcake Cafe - New York, NY
Must Eats:
36) Danny's Diner - Binghamton, NY
Must Eats: eggs
37) David's Dairy Treat - Cincinnatus, NY
Must Eats: French Fries, Cheeseburger, Maple Syrup Sundae
38) Delaware Delicacies Smoke House - Hancock, NY
Must Eats: Smoked Shrimp, Smoked Eel, salmon, trout
39) Di Fara Pizza - Brooklyn, NY
Must Eats: Pizza
40) DiCamillo's Bakery - Niagara Falls, NY
Must Eats:
41) Dinosaur Bar-b-que - Syracuse, NY
Must Eats: Big Ass Pork Plate, Bar-B-Que Pork Ribs (3/4 Rack), BBQ Ribs, Pulled Pork Sandwich
42) Dinosaur Bar-B-Que - New York, NY
Must Eats: Ribs, Syracuse Style Salt Potatoes, Pulled Pork, BBQ Chicken
43) Don's Original - Rochester, NY
Must Eats: Chili Dog, White Hot, Chocolate Almond Frozen Custard, Texas Hot
44) Doughnut Plant - New York, NY
Must Eats: Creme Brulee Doughnut, Valrhona Dark Chocolate Yeast Doughnut, Tres Leches (Three Milks) Cake Doughnut
45) Doug's Fish Fry - Cortland, NY
Must Eats: Blueberry Sundae, Fried Scallop & Onion Dinner, Custard Sundae, Lobster Bisque - Cup
46) Duff's - Buffalo, NY
Must Eats: 20 Wings Medium Hot, Small Fries, 20 BBQ Wings, Beef On Weck
47) Eat 'n Meet Grill - Saranac Lake, NY
Must Eats: Pork shanks, Mexican chocolate profiteroles, Lobster bisque, Fish tacos
48) Eckl's Beef on Weck Restaurant - Orchard Park, NY
Must Eats: Beef on Weck, Roast Beef Dinner, German Potato Salad, French Onion Soup
49) Economy Candy - New York, NY
Must Eats: Candy
50) Eddie's Restaurant - Sylvan Beach, NY
Must Eats: Fifi's Special, Grilled Hot Ham Sandwich, Original "Hot Ham" BBQ Sandwich, Italian Greens
51) Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop - New York, NY
Must Eats: Fried Salami Sandwich, Tuna Salad Sandwich, Tuna & Egg Salad Combo Sandwich, Rueben sandwich
52) Elmo's - Getzville, NY
Must Eats: Chicken Wings
53) Ephesus Mediterranean & Turkish Cuisine - Massapequa Park, NY
Must Eats: Baklava, Gyro Kebab Sandwich, Falafel, Shepherds salad
54) Faicco's Pork Store - New York, NY
Must Eats: rice balls, Cheese, Italian Special sandwich, sausage
55) Famous Lunch - Troy, NY
Must Eats: Hot Dogs with Zippy Sauce
56) Ferdinando's Focacceria Italiana Restaurant - Brooklyn, NY
Must Eats: Panelle Special, Arancina, Pasta con Sarde, Polpo All' Insalata
57) Fiorentino's Ristorante - Brooklyn, NY
Must Eats: Chicken Parmigiana, Veal Parmigiana, Spaghetti with Meatballs & Sausage, Broccoli Rabe
58) Florentine Pastry Shop - Utica, NY
Must Eats: Chocolate Pustie, Coconut Cream Pustie, vanilla pusties, Italian cheesecake pusties
59) Flo's Luncheonette - Blue Point, NY
Must Eats: Flo Burger, Fried Scallop Wrap, Ice Cream Cone or Dish, Flo Dog
60) Food at Fishers Station - Victor, NY
Must Eats: 2*2*2, Homemeade Muffin, Frittata, Raisin French Toast and Sausage Patties
61) Forno Italia - Astoria, NY
Must Eats:
62) Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana - Yonkers, NY
Must Eats: Medium White Clam Pizza, Sam Adams Seasonal, Salad, Medium Summer Pie
63) Frankie's Taste of Italy - Old Forge, NY
Must Eats: Chicken Casa Franco, Greens Anthony, Chicken Riggies, Lemon Cream Cake
64) Gabriel's Gate - Buffalo, NY
Must Eats: Buffalo wings, Chicken Wings, Beef on Weck, Beef on Weck
65) Gargiulo's - Brooklyn, NY
Must Eats:
66) Garrett Popcorn Shop - New York, NY
Must Eats: CaramelCrisp
67) Georgia's Eastside BBQ - New York, NY
Must Eats:
68) Gino's Pizza - Williston Park, NY
Must Eats: Sicilian Pizza, Garlic Knots, Grandma Pie
69) Gisiano's - Glasco, NY
Must Eats:
70) Glenwood Pines - Ithaca, NY
Must Eats: Fresh Fish Fry, Onion Rings, Seafood Platter, Pinesburger
71) Grandaisy Bakery - New York, NY
Must Eats:
72) Gray's Papaya - New York, NY
Must Eats: Hot Dog, Papaya Drink
73) Greasy Nick's - New Rochelle, NY
Must Eats: Onion Cheeseburgers, Corn On The Cob, Raw Clams, Steamers
74) Grover's Bar & Grill - East Amherst, NY
Must Eats: Cheeseburger, Bacon Cheeseburger
75) Gus's Hot Dogs - Watervliet, NY
Must Eats:
76) Gus's Restaurant - Plattsburgh, NY
Must Eats: Michigan
77) Hallo Berlin - New York, NY
Must Eats: Bratwurst Sandwich, Freakin Deal, Double Soul Food Mix, Wursts
78) Hal's Deli - Ithaca, NY
Must Eats: potato pancakes, triple-decker sandwiches
79) Heid's - Liverpool, NY
Must Eats: Original White Coney, Hot Dog, Mixed Double, German Frank with Chili
80) Highland Park Diner - Rochester, NY
Must Eats:
81) Hildebrandt's - Williston Park, NY
Must Eats: Cheeseburger, French Fries, Coffee Ice Cream Soda, Hot Butterscotch Sundae
82) Hill Country Barbecue Market - New York, NY
Must Eats: Beef Ribs, PB&J Cupcake, Brisket, Beans
83) Hot Dog Charlie’s - Cohoes, NY
Must Eats: Mini Dog, Chili Sauce, Cheeseburger, Fish Fry
84) Hot Dog King - New York, NY
Must Eats: Grilled Hot Dog
85) Hubba - Port Chester, NY
Must Eats: Chili, Chili Dog, Texas Water
86) Island Burgers and Shakes - New York, NY
Must Eats: Baked Potato
87) Ithaca Farmers Market - Ithaca, NY
Must Eats:
88) Jacques Torres Chocolate - Brooklyn, NY
Must Eats:
89) Jane's - New York, NY
Must Eats: Fruit Shake, Lemonade, Roasted Yam, Steak Sandwich
90) Jim's BBQ - Candor, NY
Must Eats: Chicken Dinner
91) Joe Beez Deli - Kingston, NY
Must Eats: Jerry Garcia
92) Joe's Pizza - New York, NY
Must Eats: Sicilian Slice, Mozzarella Slice, Fresh Mozzarella Slice
93) John Thomas - Ithaca, NY
Must Eats: steak, half-and-half (fries and onions)
94) Johnny's Reef - The Bronx, NY
Must Eats: fried shrimp, fried lobster tails, filet of sole
95) John's Pizzeria - New York, NY
Must Eats: sausage pizza, Margherita Pizza
96) Junior's - New York, NY
Must Eats: Pickles, Beets, and Vinegar Coleslaw, Cheesecake, Chocolate Egg Cream, Corned Beef Reuben
97) Karen's - Pawling, NY
Must Eats:
98) Katonah Restaurant - Katonah, NY
Must Eats:
99) Katz's - New York, NY
Must Eats: Knoblewurst on Rye, Pastrami Sandwich, Pastrami Reuben, Corned Beef Sandwich
100) Kitchenette - New York, NY
Must Eats:
101) Knish Nosh - Forest Hills, NY
Must Eats: Knish, Ruggallech
102) L&B Spumoni Gardens - Brooklyn, NY
Must Eats: Pizza
103) La Parma - Williston Park, NY
Must Eats: Shrimp La Parma, Bruschetta al Pomodoro, Stuffed Artichoke, Spaghetti
104) Landi's - Brooklyn, NY
Must Eats:
105) LDR Char Pit - Rochester, NY
Must Eats: Steak Sandwich, Onion Rings and French Fries
106) Lefteris Gyro - Mount Kisco, NY
Must Eats: Gyro, Souvlaki Platter
107) Leo's Bagels - New York, NY
Must Eats: Bagel sandwich, Bagel with cream cheese, Ronnybrook chocolate milk, Bagel
108) Les Halles - New York, NY
Must Eats: Hanger Steak, Frites, French Onion Soup, Mussels Normande
109) Liehs & Steigerwald North - Clay, NY
Must Eats: Pepperettes
110) Little Spot - White Plains, NY
Must Eats: Milk Shake, Chili Dog, Split & Grilled Hot Dog with Grilled Onions, Grilled Chili Dog
111) Lombardi's - New York, NY
Must Eats: Sausage Pizza, Gennaro's Original Pizza, Margarita Pizza, Pancetta Pizza
112) Los Abuelos - Ossining, NY
Must Eats: Chicken Tacos, Chorizo Tacos, Quesadillas, Guacamole and Tortilla Chips
113) Louie's Foot Long Hot Dogs - Tonawanda, NY
Must Eats:
114) Lubins-N-Links - Tarrytown, NY
Must Eats: Chili Link, Jubee Onion Link, Lubin
115) Madonia Brothers Bakery - Bronx, NY
Must Eats: Biscotti, Prosciutto Bread, Fennel Raisin Bread, Onion Bread
116) Manganaro's HeroBoy - New York, NY
Must Eats: Eggplant Parmigiana Hero, Chicken Parmigiana Hero
117) Margon - New York, NY
Must Eats: Espresso, Octopus Salad, Pork Chop, Roast Pork Sandwich
118) Massie's Restaurant - South Glens Falls, NY
Must Eats: Spaghetti, Italian sausage
119) McPartlan's Corner - Amherst, NY
Must Eats: Fish Fry, Fried Bologna And Onions, Chicken Wings, German Potato Salad
120) McSweeney's - Plattsburgh, NY
Must Eats: Michigan, Onion Rings
121) Mike's Candy Shop - Buffalo, NY
Must Eats: Charlie Chaplin Logs, Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy, Marshmallows, Stolen Haven
122) Mike's Deli - Bronx, NY
Must Eats: Capicola, Fresh Mutz, and Roasted Peppers Hero, Arancini
123) Miss Monticello Diner - Monticello, NY
Must Eats: Gyro, Cheesecake, Omelet
124) Modern Snack Bar - Aquebogue, NY
Must Eats: Long Island Duckling, Mashed turnips, Baked Clams
125) Mondial Bakery - Brooklyn, NY
Must Eats:
126) Moosewood Restaurant - Ithaca, NY
Must Eats: Fresh Mint Mojito, Olivada Baguette, Unsweetened Fresh Lemonade, Ice Cream
127) Moshe's Falafel - New York, NY
Must Eats: Falafel Sandwich
128) Mother's Cupboard - Syracuse, NY
Must Eats: Home Fries, Half Frittata, Biscuits & Sausage Gravy, Foot-wide Pancake
129) Mudtruck - New York, NY
Must Eats: Large Mud, Coffee, Large Espresso
130) Muffin Patch - Old Forge, NY
Must Eats: Pancakes
131) Murray's Sturgeon Shop - New York, NY
Must Eats: schav, tuna salad, regular herring
132) Nathan's Famous - Brooklyn, NY
Must Eats: hot dog, French Fries, Hog Dog with Peppers & Onions
133) Neptune Diner - Oneonta, NY
Must Eats: Corned Beef Hash, French Toast, Mediterranean Omelet, Home Fries
134) New Way Lunch - Glens Falls, NY
Must Eats: Hot Dog, Greek Salad, Fountain Soda, Cheeseburger
135) Nick Charlap's - Hamburg, NY
Must Eats: Ice Cream, Hot Fudge Sundae, Hot Dog, Cheeseburger
136) Nick Tahou Hots - Rochester, NY
Must Eats: garbage plate, White Hot Garbage Plate, Grilled Cheese Garbage Plate, Cheeseburger w/chili
137) Oyster Bar - New York, NY
Must Eats: smoked fish, raw oysters, Manhattan Clam Chowder, pan roast
138) Papaya King - New York, NY
Must Eats: hot dog, papaya juice
139) Parkside Candy - Buffalo, NY
Must Eats: Sponge Candy, Chocolate Milk Shake, ice cream sundae with extra toppings, Roast Beef on a roll
140) Patsy's Pizzeria - New York, NY
Must Eats: Mozzarella Pizza, Fresh Mozzarella Pizza
141) Peanut Butter & Co. - New York, NY
Must Eats: "Elvis" Sandwich, Peanut Butter Milkshake, Peanut Butter Sampler
142) Pearl Oyster Bar - New York, NY
Must Eats: Steamers, Gazpacho with Lobster and Shrimp, New England Clam Chowder w/ Smoked Bacon, Pan-Roasted Skate
143) Peter Luger - Brooklyn, NY
Must Eats: Steak For Two, Steak For Four, Single Steak, Sliced Tomato
144) Pete's Hot Dog Stand - Newburgh, NY
Must Eats: Texas Weiner, Chili Dog, great
145) Phil's Chicken House - Endicott, NY
Must Eats: 1/2 BBQ Chicken Dinner, Salad Bar, Fresh Strawberry Shortcake, Lunch Buffet
146) Polish Villa - Cheektowaga, NY
Must Eats: Pierogie (plate), Golabki (Plate), Sauerkraut, Polish Reuben
147) Pommes Frites - New York City, NY
Must Eats: Sauces, Pommes Frites
148) Quickway Diner - Bloomingburg, NY
Must Eats: hot roast beef, breakfast, French Onio Soup
149) Rahman's Kwik Meal - New York, NY
Must Eats: Lamb Polaw & Rice Plate, Lamb Kebab on Pita, Falafel Sandwich
150) Red Rooster Drive In - Brewster, NY
Must Eats: Cheeseburger Deluxe, Egg Cream, Onion Rings
151) Rice to Riches - New York, NY
Must Eats: Man Made Mascarpone
152) Rizzo's Pizza - Astoria, NY
Must Eats: Thin-Crusted Sicilian Pizza
153) Rockland Bakery - Nanuet, NY
Must Eats:
154) Roll-N-Roaster - Brooklyn, NY
Must Eats: Roast Beef Sandwich, Cheese Fries, Lemonade, Apple Pie
155) Roma Sausage & Deli - Utica, NY
Must Eats: Tomato Pie (half sheet), Tomato Pie (slice), Sauce, Cheese curds
156) Roscoe Diner - Roscoe, NY
Must Eats: Deep Fried French Toast, Corned Beef Hash, Turkey and Bacon Club Sandwich, BLT
157) Rose & Joe's Italian Bakery - Astoria, NY
Must Eats:
158) Saltsman's Hotel - Ephratah, NY
Must Eats: Milkweed, Baked Onion Casserole, Creamed Potatoes, Elderberry Pie
159) Sarabeth's - New York, NY
Must Eats: Goldie Lox, Buttermilk Pancakes
160) Sarge's Delicatessen - New York, NY
Must Eats: Hot Pastrami Sandwich, Coleslaw and Pickles, Stuffed Cabbage, Chopped Liver
161) Schwabl's - Buffalo, NY
Must Eats: Hot Roast Beef Sandwich, German Potato Salad, beef on weck, Hot Ham Sandwich
162) Second Ave. Deli - New York, NY
Must Eats: Hot Pastrami Sandwich, Corned Beef, Mushroom Barley soup, Blintzes
163) Shake Shack - New York, NY
Must Eats: 'Shroom Burger, The Concrete Jungle, Custard, French Fries
164) Sharkey's - Binghamton, NY
Must Eats: City Chicken, Pierogies, spiedies, Golupki
165) Shortstop Deli - Ithaca, NY
Must Eats: Suicide Pizza Sub
166) S'Mac - New York, NY
Must Eats: Four Cheese Major Munch, Alpine Major Munch
167) Snowflake Ice Cream - Riverhead, NY
Must Eats:
168) Stella's Diner - Syracuse, NY
Must Eats: Jambalaya, Roast Turkey Dinner, Hot Turkey Sandwich, Chocolate Milkshake
169) Steve's Pig & Ox Roast - Lackawanna, NY
Must Eats: Roast Beef, Curly Q Fries, Homemade Chili, Roast Lamb
170) sugar Sweet sunshine - New York, NY
Must Eats:
171) Swan Market - Rochester, NY
Must Eats: Fresh Bratwurst, Sausage Appetizer, Sandwich Meats, Sausage Platter
172) Sweet & Spicy Caribbean Cafe - Amityville, NY
Must Eats:
173) Sylvia's Queen of Soul Food - New York, NY
Must Eats: Smothered Chicken, Ribs, Cornbread, Chicken & Waffles
174) Taco Shack - New Paltz, NY
Must Eats: Burrito, Taco, Chimichangas
175) Taïm Falafel & Smoothie Bar - New York, NY
Must Eats: Falafel Sampling, Mixed Falafel Platter, Falafel Sandwich, Sabich Sandwich
176) Tal Bagels - New York, NY
Must Eats: Onion Bagel with Cream Cheese
177) Taverna Kyclades - Astoria, NY
Must Eats:
178) Teddy's Restaurant - Rome, NY
Must Eats: Chicken Parmesan, Chicken Riggies, Humongous Onion Rings, Chicken Parmesan Sandwich
179) Ted's Hot Dogs - Tonawanda, NY
Must Eats: Loganberry Shake, Foot Long Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Onion Rings
180) Texas Chili - Port Chester, NY
Must Eats: Chili Dog
181) Texas Hot - Wellsville, NY
Must Eats: Hot Dogs, French Fries, Pie, Hamburgers
182) The Boathouse - Ossining, NY
Must Eats: New England Clam Chowder, Seafood Pot Pie, Stuffed Boathouse Burger, Shrimp Luciano
183) The Donut Pub - New York, NY
Must Eats:
184) The Only Cafe - Vernon, NY
Must Eats: Biscuits & sausage gravy, Blueberry-Rhubarb Crumble, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Pulled Pork, Green Chile & Salt Potato Stew
185) Timmy O's - Corona, NY
Must Eats: Frozen Custard, Sundaes
186) Tino's - Bronx, NY
Must Eats: Chicken Parmesan Wedge
187) Todaro Bros. - New York, NY
Must Eats: Olive Spread, Fresh Mozzarella, Hero
188) Tom Cavallo's - New Hartford, NY
Must Eats: Meatball & Sausage Tunnel, Chicken Parmigiana, Buffalo Wings, Chicken Riggies
189) Tom Wahl's - Avon, NY
Must Eats: Root Beer, Ice Cream, Hamburgers, Onion Rings
190) Tony's - New York, NY
Must Eats: Bacon & Egg on a Long Roll, Gyro, Souvlaki Platter, Western Omelet
191) Tony's Newburgh Lunch - Newburgh, NY
Must Eats: Tom Tom Patty Melt, Texas Hot Weiner
192) Tony's Texas Hots - Johnson City, NY
Must Eats: Chili Dog
193) Treats Truck - New York, NY
Must Eats: Oatmeal Jammy, Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie, Pecan Butterscotch Bar, Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies
194) Vanessa's Dumplings - New York , NY
Must Eats: Dumplings, Sesame Pancake
195) Vescio's Franklin Hotel - Rome, NY
Must Eats: Pasta of the Day
196) Voss' Bar-B-Q - Yorkville, NY
Must Eats: Mexi-Dog, barbecue sandwiches, Ham BBQ Sandwich, Hot Dog
197) Walt Itgen's Ice Cream Parlour - Valley Stream, NY
Must Eats: hamburgers, Ice Cream, waffles
198) Walter's - Mamaroneck, NY
Must Eats: hot dog with mustard, French Fries, Sweet Spuds
199) West Taghkanic Diner - Ancram, NY
Must Eats: French Fries with Gravy, Jitterbug, Turkey Dinner, Liver & Onions
200) 'wichcraft - New York, NY
Must Eats: Slow-Roasted Pork Sandwich, Roasted Turkey Sandwich
201) Wolfgang's - New York, NY
Must Eats:

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