Your Guide to Authentic Regional Eats
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1) Allentown Fairground Farmers Market - Allentown, PA
Must Eats: Filling, Chicken Pie, Pierogis, Roast Chicken
2) Beto's - Pittsburgh, PA
Must Eats: Pizza Cut
3) Carmelcorn Shop - Easton, PA
Must Eats: Carmelcorn
4) Center City Pretzel Co. - Philadelphia, PA
Must Eats: pretzel
5) Chamberlain's Roast Beef - Boothwyn, PA
Must Eats: Hand-Carved Roast Beef Sandwich, Roast Pork Sandwich, Italian Long, Hot Peppers
6) Clem's Wood-Fired BBQ - Charlottsville, PA
Must Eats: Baby Back Ribs (1/2 Rack), Coleslaw - Individual Serving, Baked Beans - Large Order, Pulled Pork Sandwich
7) Dalessandro's - Philadelphia, PA
Must Eats: Cheese Steak, Condiments, Hoagie
8) DeLuca's - Pittsburgh, PA
Must Eats: "The Steel City", chocolate chip hotcake sundae, breakfast mixed grill, French Toast
9) Dutch Kitchen - Frackville, PA
Must Eats: Leiby's Ice Cream cone, Pork and Sauerkraut, Chicken Croquettes, Turkey and Waffle Special
10) Enrico Biscotti Co. - Pittsburgh, PA
Must Eats: Apple Hash, biscotti, macaroons, focaccia
11) Famous Fourth Street Delicatessen - Philadelphia, PA
Must Eats: Pastrami Sandwich (zaftig), Cookies, Smoked Salmon Hash with Two Eggs, Potato Pancakes
12) Fat Heads South Side Saloon - Pittsburgh, PA
Must Eats: Expert Pastrami, Chicken Wings, South Side Slopes Headwich, Italian Skins
13) Gab & Eat Restaurant - Carnegie, PA
Must Eats: Sausage, Mixed Grill (1/2 order), Cheeseburger, Pancakes
14) Geno's - Philadelphia, PA
Must Eats: Cheese steak, French fries
15) Genotti's - Moosic, PA
Must Eats: White Pizza, Steak & Cheese Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Breakfast Pizza
16) Giacomo's Italian Market and Grille - Easton, PA
Must Eats: Cheese Steak, The Godfather
17) Glider Diner - Scranton, PA
Must Eats: Hot Porketta Sandwich Platter, Hot Roast Beef Sandwich Platter, Hamburger
18) Green Dragon Farmers Market - Ephrata, PA
Must Eats: Sticky Buns, Sausage Sandwich, French Fries
19) Jimmy's Hot Dogs - Easton, PA
Must Eats: hot dog
20) Jim's Steaks - Philadelphia, PA
Must Eats: cheese steak
21) Jim's Steaks - Philadelphia, PA
Must Eats: Cheesesteak, Mud Sauce
22) Joe's Steaks + Soda Shop - Philadelphia, PA
Must Eats: Cheese Steak, Milk Shake
23) Johnny's Hots - Philadelphia, PA
Must Eats: Hot sausage and fish cake, Hot Sausage, Hot Dog & Fish Cake
24) John's Roast Pork - Philadelphia, PA
Must Eats: Cheese Steak, Roast Pork Sandwich
25) Josie's German Cakes & Market - Mechanicsburg, PA
Must Eats: Sauerkraut, Jaegerschnitzel, Apple Streudel, Hungarian Goulasch
26) Jozsa Corner - Pittsburgh, PA
Must Eats: multi-course dinner, Multi-Course Dinner
27) Leo's - Folcroft, PA
Must Eats: Cheese Steak (large)
28) Longacre's Modern Dairy Bar - Barto, PA
Must Eats: banana boat, peach melba (in season), CMP (chocolate marshmallow peanut sundae)
29) Lorenzo's Pizza - Philadelphia, PA
Must Eats: Cheese steak
30) Lou's Sandwich Shop - Norristown, PA
Must Eats: Large Zep, Crushed Hot Peppers, Large ZEP, Chocolate Extra Thick Shake
31) Mama's Pizzeria - Bala Cynwyd, PA
Must Eats: Cheese Steak, Italian Hoagie
32) Mayfield Diner - Mayfield, PA
Must Eats: Cheese Steak Hoagie, Texas Weiner, Omelet, Meatball Hoagie
33) Original Hot Dog Shop - Pittsburgh, PA
Must Eats: French fries, hot dog
34) Pamela's Diner - Pittsburgh, PA
Must Eats: Hotcakes, Lyonnaise Potatoes, French Fries, Sausage and Cheese Omelet
35) Pappy's Orchard & Lisa's Kitchen - Coopersburg, PA
Must Eats: Jewish Apple Cake, Sticky Bun, Shoofly Pie, Whoopie Pie
36) Pat's Colonial Kitchen - Newtown, PA
Must Eats: French Toast With Fruit, Eggs Benedict, Omelets, Scrapple
37) Pat's King of Steaks - Philadelphia, PA
Must Eats: cheese steak
38) Penn State Creamery - University Park, PA
Must Eats: WPSX Coffee Break, Bittersweet Mint, Peachy Paterno, Teaberry
39) Pete's Hot Dog Shop - Bethlehem, PA
Must Eats: Hot Dog, Pierogies, Sour Cream & Chive Logs
40) Philadelphia Soft Pretzels, Inc. - Philadelphia, PA
Must Eats: Soft Pretzels, Mustard
41) Pierogies Plus - McKees Rocks, PA
Must Eats: Haluski, Stuffed Cabbage, Pierogies, Kielbasa Sandwich
42) Pizza Perfect - Trucksville, PA
Must Eats: White with Ham and Double Cheese & Onion Pizza, Hank's Root Beer, Pizza Cut, Cut, No Onions
43) Prantl's Bakery - Pittsburgh, PA
Must Eats: Burnt Almond Torte, Roses in the Snow, Pepperoni Roll
44) Primanti Brothers - Pittsburgh, PA
Must Eats: hot sausage, Roast Beef and Cheese, Jumbo Fish sandwich, Roast Beef and Egg Sandwich
45) Red Rabbit Drive-In - Duncannon, PA
Must Eats: Bunny Burger, Ham Bar-B-Cue, Bar-B-Que Sandwich, Milk Shake
46) Robert Wholey & Co. - Pittsburgh, PA
Must Eats: fish sandwich, Soup
47) Salerno's - Old Forge, PA
Must Eats: Homemade Fusilli with Meatballs, Homemade Fusilli With Sausage, White Pizza, Red Pizza
48) Santangelo's Cafe - Norristown, PA
Must Eats: Roast Pork w/Broccoli Rabe Hoagie, Belly Buster Cheesesteak, Meatball Omelette, Italian Omelette
49) Seltzer's Smokehouse Meats - Palmyra, PA
Must Eats: Lebanon bologna, Bologna Sandwich
50) Stahley's Cellarette - Allentown, PA
Must Eats: Steamed Clams, Pierogies with Onions, Butter, and Sour Cream, Birch Beer, Stahley's Cellarette
51) Steve's Prince of Steaks - Philadelphia, PA
Must Eats: Cheesesteak, Chocolate Soda, Double-Meat Cheese Steak, Cheese Fries
52) Summit Diner - Somerset, PA
Must Eats: The Scrapyard, Western Skillet, Graham Cracker Pie, Gob Cake
53) Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse - Philadelphia, PA
Must Eats: Cornbread, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Whole Rack Platter for 1, Creamy Spinach
54) The Diner - State College, PA
Must Eats: Grilled Stickies
55) Tony Luke's - Philadelphia, PA
Must Eats: Roasted Pork Sandwich, Roast Pork Italian, Uncle Mike Sandwich With Sharp Cheese, Cheese Steak
56) Tony's Lunch - Girardville, PA
Must Eats: Screamer, Cheesesteak, Chocolate Milk, French Fries
57) Union Grill - Pittsburgh, PA
Must Eats: Turkey Devonshire, Pierogies
58) Wert's Cafe - Allentown, PA
Must Eats: Wert's Famous Onion Rings, Birch Beer, Wert's Cheeseburger, Coconut Custard Pie
59) Wiener World - Pittsburgh, PA
Must Eats: fish sandwich, hot dog
60) Yocco's Hot Dog King - Allentown, PA
Must Eats: Chocolate Milk, Yocco's Hot Dog, Cheesesteak

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