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Dr. Mike's - Bethel, CT

Boasting a higher butterfat content than most others in the state, Dr. Mike’s is the Rolls Royce of Connecticut ice creams. A longtime Roadfood favorite, this small shop (just a few blocks from the renowned Sycamore Drive-In) has been churning out very small batches of a handful of flavors for over 30 years. Note that this is über-premium ice cream and may be considered for special occasions, since one’s tastebuds would be completely vanquished by daily doses of Dr. Mike’s.

Overall Experiencerating
Chocolate Lace Ice Cream - One of Dr. Mike’s signature flavors, Chocolate Lace is a sweet-cream base with broken pieces of a chocolate lace candy made locally by Hauser Chocolatier. The candy itself, basically spun sugar enrobed in dark chocolate, is wildly luscious on its own, but coupled with the sweet cream it approaches the highest taste level attainable by frozen confections. rating
Rich Chocolate Ice Cream - Michael Stern once described it as a melted Hershey Bar, yet this flavor goes well beyond any chocolate commercially available: it is at once an elemental and luxurious taste, lingering on the tongue long after cup or cone is consumed. Also, care should be taken to avoid melted drips on clothing, which become dark and permanent stains almost immediately. rating
Vanilla Ice Cream - A creamy favorite with an ideal base for any topping, though it can easily stand on its own as a wonderfully rich flavor. rating
Hot Fudge Sauce - Homemade in the shop, this sauce is very thick, very grainy, and intensely fudgy, so much that it smothers everything under its influence. The chocolate taste is powerfully decadent and should only be eaten frequently by the most daring sweet tooths. rating
Butter Pecan Ice Cream - Delightfully creamy and sweet with crunchy pecans, this perennial favorite is overwhelmingly eclipsed by Dr. Mike’s chocolate selections. rating
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