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Ben & Bill's Chocolate Emporium - Falmouth, MA

Limited to four stores in Maine and Massachusetts, Ben and Bill's Chocolate Emporium could perhaps be one of the smallest multi-state ice cream "chains." The Falmouth store brings with it an air of nostalgia, its narrow interior lined by shelves of hand-made chocolates on one side and a store-long ice cream counter on the other. Although Ben and Bill's offers many inventive flavors (including Moose Droppings and Graham Slam), their signature flavor is surely Lobster, a butter-flavored ice cream accented by chunks of real lobster meat. This is their most frequently tasted flavor; however, the question that remains is how many people follow up a taste with a full scoop order.

Overall Experiencerating
Chocolate Ice Cream - Not of the darker variety, but a smooth texture and enough cocoa emulsion to stand tall on its own. rating
Vanilla Ice Cream - Enough body to aptly handle the suspension of the hot fudge--and any other mix-ins, for that matter. rating
Hot Fudge Sauce - Since this was a chocolate emporium, the expectations were high, and the fudge sauce delivered appropriately with no bitter aftertaste. rating
Dulce de Leche Ice Cream - Its wan hue foreshadowed its very light flavor, as if the makers were spotlighting the leche with minimal dulce. rating
Lobster Ice Cream - Smooth, buttery and mild until you get to a bite of actual lobster meat; then the fishy frozen flavor was pungent and left us asking for quick relief with a taste of another to refresh the palate.  Be sure to taste before committing to a scoop. rating
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